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Hull for transport ship S.S. Graf Goetzen (1913, Germany)



Model of MV Liemba in the Railway Museum, Nairobi (Kenya)


SS Graf Goetzen or SS Graf von Goetzen - German transport ship, converted into a warship. Graf von Goetzen was built in 1913 in Germany, and was one of three vessels the German Empire used to control Lake Tanganyika during the early part of the First World War. Her captain had her scuttled on 26 July 1916 in Katabe Bay during the German retreat from Kigoma. In 1924, a British Royal Navy salvage team raised her and in 1927 she returned to service as Liemba (MV Liembe). Liemba is the last vessel of the German Imperial Navy still actively sailing anywhere in the world. Today this ship functions as a passenger steamer.

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